Strategy “Russian stocks “3rd echelon”

The unique authorial approach to stock analysis (Free-Float matrix, P / S, price dynamics chart) allows to ensure online selection and trading of potentially profitable third-tier stocks, while simultaneously hedging the portfolio with derivatives on the Russian market.

Investment amount starting from от 10 mln rub


The purpose of the product is to generate income by the Investor more than 3% per month in rubles.

Target profitability:starting from 3% per moth(>36% a year.)*


The investment strategy is aggressive. The portfolio is formed from shares of the 3rd tier with an expected return of 80-100% per annum and derivatives, which allows you to manage the profitability on-line.

Investment period: from 12 months.

  • High profitability;
  • Full transparency;
  • Legality;
  • Possibility to buy a significant share of the stock (2-5%) of the chosen issuer at the Moscow

Management fee: 3% of the investment amount, charged once a year Manager’s remuneration: 30% subject to an increase in the Investor’s account of more than 3% per month


Model portfolio

Expected * return on the model portfolio:
70% * 0.9 + 5% + 25% * 0.2 = 68%, those. 5.6% per month
With the increase in the share of shares, for example, up to 90%, and the reduction of the share of derivatives to 5%, the yield of the model portfolio increases to 82% (almost 7% per month)

Risk Manager:

Nutcracker automate risk and income management system
Risks – the maximum risk-30% under the contract


any, at the request of the Investor (we recommend “Discovery Broker”) The manager: Bykov A.A.,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, in the financial market since 1994, certificates of 1.0, 5.0 of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.