Strategy “Happy retirement benefit”

Regular, better monthly purchases of Russian shares on their brokerage account in the future 10-30 years give the investor the opportunity to independently secure a pension by increasing the value of shares and regularly receiving coupons and dividends

Investment amount starting from  400 000 руб. min and more

Additional investments – from 10 000 rub. in any working day


Formation of the future pension for the current thirty-year and older citizens of the Russian Federation.

Target profitability:starting from 2% per month (>24% a year.)


The investment strategy is conservative. The portfolio is formed from bonds of 1-2 tier with the profit of 8-10% per annum and shares with high dividend income, which allows you to receive coupon income and dividends

Investment period: from 12 months.

  • Expected * profitability is higher than the deposit in Banks;
  • Full transparency;
  • Confidence in the future;
  • The possibility of reinvesting income;
  • Risk control (20% – maximum risk) Seizures: on any working day

2% of the investment amount is charged at the time of investment, including additional investments.

Remuneration of the Adviser: 20% of the Investor’s profit for the month, subject to an increase in the Investor’s account of more than 1% per month.


Model portfolio

Target * profitability of the model portfolio: 8% * 0.10 + 10% * 0.10 + 36% * 0.80 = 31%. 2,5% per month

Risk Manager:

Nutcracker automate risk and income management system


at the request of the Investor (we recommend the “Discovery Broker”) Counselor: Alexey Bykov, Ph.D., in the financial market since 1994, certificates 1.0, 5.0 of the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation.